Skype-Out Gets Caller-ID – In Some Countries

Skype-Out Gets Caller-ID - In Some CountriesIf you’re a user of Skype-Out, the service that lets you call landlines from Skype, you may have come across a peculiar reaction when you’ve dialed people abroad. Our experience has ranged from puzzlement to down-right bewildered, “Where’s dialing code 0000 from?”

This should change for some lucky Skype-out customers, now they’ve released Caller ID on it.

Once you’ve changed you configuration, the Skype-out number will be set to show your Skype-In number – hurrah.

Not all countries are covered, but the lucky ones are currently the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, Estonia and Poland. Countries that aren’t covered _may_ come on soon, after Skype’s “legal people continue to be busy working with our partners and governments.”