Ms Pac Man Hits The iPod

Ms Pac Man Hits The iPodBy way of a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ever-popular Ms Pac-Man video game, Namco are releasing a version of it to run on fifth-generation iPods, made available to punters via the iTunes store.

The download is £3.99 in the UK, which would have got you forty plays of the arcade version when it was first released, in 1982.

To maximise your feeling of getting good value, not only do you get four maze designs and 256 maze levels, you also get retro art from the original arcade cabinet and a tutorial level. There’s also the four intermissions, or Acts, between the maze changes.

Ms Pac Man Hits The iPodAs ever, Wikipedia provides huge amount of info on Ms Pac Man including giving the Official Succession of Verified Ms. Pac-Man World Champions. These start in the year of the game arrival, with Rick Greenwasser of Kirksville, Missouri getting an impressive 130,300 and end with an amazing 933,580 racked up by Abdner Ashman at Apollo Amusements, Pompano Beach, FL on 6 April 6, 2006.

The straight Pac Man has been available on iTunes since last year.

Ms Pac Man on iTunes