Luxeed Keyboard Adds Colour Galore

We’re always suckers for gadgets that come with pointless eye candy and needless distractions to help the day go quicker so we’ve quite warmed to this new keyboard from South Korea’s, Luxiium Lighting and Technology company.

Luxeed Keyboard Adds Colour GaloreIt may be nowhere as much fun as the near-vapourware Optimus Keyboard that we looked at last year, but the Luxiium ‘Luxeed’ keyboard shares their love of illuminated keys, with the thing lighting up like a Christmas tree on acid.

You can get the mood just so on your keyboard by personalising each individual key with one of 512 colours, “be it a single hue, a spectrum rainbow or your very own creation,” as they put it on the website.

Colour ‘skins’ can be downloaded from the company’s site, or users can make the keyboard their virtual canvas, assigning colours around like a space-age Rolf Harris.

Luxeed Keyboard Adds Colour GaloreIf the mood takers you, you can also turn your workspace into a mini disco, with music skins that “dance” to the music, as keys are triggered by whatever music you’re playing on your PC (we could imagine it proving a little difficult to operate if you’re playing thrash metal. The lights! The lights!)

Different skins can be assigned to each skin, and the brightness of each skin can also be adjusted, if so desired.

It’s quite a nice looking keyboard too, with a swish looking, slim-line form factor and a full set of hardware controls for controlling Da TuneZ.

Luxeed Keyboard Adds Colour GaloreIn the company’s marketing guff, Luxiium bang on about the keyboard be using to “relieve stress via colour therapy”, but we reckon most people will like it because it’s a bit of a laugh. After all, who wants to be stuck with a boring pile of keys when you can have a mini Pink Flowd lighting rig on your desktop?

Neither pricing nor availability has been announced yet, although you can see some illuminated keys in action on their website:


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