Samsung Introduces One-Month Laptop Battery

Samsung Introduces One-Month Laptop BatteryThe boffins at Samsung have developed a super long life fuel cell expansion dock that will keep laptops powered up for over a month.

Scheduled for commercial production by the end of this year, the company managed to get one of their Q35 ultra portable notebook computers to run for an astonishing 5 weeks using the dock, with the machine powered up for 8 hours a day.

The uber-battery runs on Methanol, a form of alcohol (no, you can’t drink it if you fancy a bevy) and can deliver a maximum output of 20 Watts, with a maximum storage capacity of 1,200Wh.

Samsung Introduces One-Month Laptop BatterySamsung’s dock clips on the back of the laptop and measures up around the same size as a regular laptop docking station.

Apparently, fuel dock designs traditionally make a bit of racket (we’re not sure why) but Samsung say that their beefy power cell will be no noisier than regular laptops.

Samsung say that a miniature version of this fuel cell is in the pipeline too, with just a teacup’s worth of fuel managing to notch up a massive 15 hours of life.

For those of you who like the ‘science bit’ on shampoo adverts, we can tell you that the technology goes under the name of DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) and does it stuff by oxidising liquid methanol on a catalyst to form carbon dioxide.

Or something like that.

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