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21 Nov 2006 With Heather Brooke, David Leigh and Maurice Frankel. Join us as we discuss how proposed changes to the Freedom of Information Act are supposedly cost cutting measures but would dramatically restrict the media’s access to information. The government is proposing to add financial and time restrictions to access to information under the Act. Currently, access to government and public service information under the Act is free unless costs exceed £600. But the new proposal will cut the number of requests by at least 13 percent, most of which will likely be requests from the media. In future, all requests made by the same individual or organisation to a given authority will be considered as one. This will mean that if a broadcaster or a publication requests information on a given subject and exceeds the limit on cost stipulated no other member of this organisation will be able to request information for at least 60 working days. Join us as we discuss this thorny topic. Frontline Club
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