Sennheiser Announces Street Range Of Headphones

Sennheiser Announces Street Range Of HeadphonesThose crazy hep cats at Sennheiser have launched a range of seven new economy-priced headphones aimed at da yoot.

Served up in a range of bright colours and stylish designs, the ‘phones are built to a tough (“almost unbreakable”) standard, with prices ranging from £10 to £25. All incorporate a neodymium-iron driver for top notch sound.

The bottom of the range MX50 Street in-ear phones knock out for just £10, while the next model up, the MX 51 Street adds a case for a fiver more.

Sennheiser Announces Street Range Of HeadphonesThe next model up, the MXL 51 Street, is bundled with a lanyard and case for another fiver.

The curious looking MX55 in-ear headphones – also £20 – feature a “twist to fit” construction and come with the Sennheiser Basswind System Plus for extra oomph in da hood, with the MX55 VC adding a volume control for an extra fiver.

Moving up the range, the £20 OMX 50 VC features clip-on earphones, while the “supra-aural” (whassat?) clip-on OMX 52 Street includes the Sennheiser Basswind technology and exchangeable design parts for £25.

Sennheiser Announces Street Range Of HeadphonesAn old school neckband pair of cans, the PMX 50 Street ‘phones wrap up the new range and come with exchangeable design parts and retail for £25.

All are likely to sound better than the headphones that came bundled with your MP3 player, but if you want to get the best out of your music player (and don’t mind looking like an extra from the Battle Of Britain), we recommend saving up for the fabulous Grado SR60s.

Find out more about Sennhesiser’s new range of Street headphones at their ghastly pop-up, Flash-tastic website, where just about anything that can move, shuffle and wobble, does.