Camrivox First To Support Google Talk In VoIP Hardware

Camrivox First To Support Google Talk In VoIP HardwareCamrivox are claiming to be the first company to integrate Google’s Gtalk into hardware-based VoIP products, making them the first device that supports Google Talk without a PC.

The equipment lets you setup to work with both a SIP account, as you’d expect, and a GTalk account at the same time. These features are across the whole range of Terminal Adaptors as well as their new handset, the Flexor 500 IP phone.

Commenting on the difference between Skype and GTalk, he points out that GTalk publish their information, a world away from the closed approach of Skype.

The big advantage of the Camrivox approach is to make their kit zero-configuration at the users end. The whole thing can be setup and changed simply by the operator or can be carried out by Camrivox on their behalf.

They have two TA’s, the 151 (pictured) which has support for both phone line (PSTN) and Ethernet (VoIP), letting the user chose between the ‘traditional’ phone line and VoIP. The 201 only supports VoIP.

Camrivox First To Support Google Talk In VoIP HardwareAnalysis
The GTalk inclusion is an interesting move for Camrivox. The world of VoIP is becoming increasingly crowded, so having your company’s voice heard (no pun intended), is also difficult. By implementing the GTalk support Camrivox is clearly hoping to hitch a ride on the Google coat tails and with the good looking kit that they have, it’s likely to catch peoples eyes.

GTalk hasn’t really set the VoIP world alight, with the clear current winner being Skype. That’s not to say that GTalk isn’t important, or that it won’t achieve a more significant position. The biggest winner GTalk has got is its integration into other Google products, such as its inclusion in GMail. Also as more people sign up for Google services they’ll automatically be signed up for GTalk.

Camrivox appear keen on integration with other products too, given they have just announced a deal with The integration will bring up callers information up when a VoIP call comes in via their kit.