London Media Summit 2006

27 October 2006 New technologies are undoubtedly changing the way we produce and consume content. Today an unprecedented range of entertainment and information is available on a multitude of formats, each supported by unique business models and revenue streams. However, one key question remains unresolved: what content will consumers truly value in this brave new world? Presenting at the Media Summit in 2005Are consumer tastes evolving in line with the advancements in distribution? Are the big content brands transferable across multiple channels? Who will be the primary generators of content in the future? Will there be a power shift from traditional media companies to smaller niche producers, or even to users themselves? In a world where free content is becoming ubiquitous, what bastions of premium content will survive? Are traditional content packages such as music albums, feature films and radio shows set to be replaced by single tracks, video clips and podcasts? On October 27th, senior executives, investors, consultants and thought leaders in the media industries will come together at the annual London Business School Media Summit to debate these and other issues.