Samsung Launches Upgraded Q1 Ultramobile PCs

Samsung Launches Upgraded Q1 Ultramobile PCsWith ne’er a parp on their usual raucous PR trumpet, Samsung have quietly shuffled out two updates to its Q1 ultra mobile Origami PC range.

Samsung’s Origami machines run a tablet version of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and look to fill a niche in the market for between laptop PCs and PDAs.

Sporting a 7in LCD monitor with touchscreen functionality, the Origami measures up at around half the size of a regular laptop PC, but still offers full-fat functionality, with users able to surf the web, play games, watch movies, listen to music and make notes

Samsung Launches Upgraded Q1 Ultramobile PCsWeighing 1.7 pounds, it’s light enough to carry around for a few hours which is a good thing because that’s when the battery will conk out (battery life is measured at a rather disappointing three hours.)

The updated Q1-Pentium comes with a 60 GB hard disk and 1 GB RAM, and substitutes a nippier Intel Pentium M 723 1GHz processor for the original Celeron M 900MHz processor.

Samsung Launches Upgraded Q1 Ultramobile PCsThe other new model – the Q1b – uses a cheaper Via Technologies’ C7 1GHz processor, and is fitted with a 40 GB hard disk and 512 MB RAM.

Samsung said in a statement that these new PCs are available in some European and Asian countries and in the U.S – we spotted one site advertising the Q1-Pentium for $1,250 and the Q1b $900.

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