Writely and Spreadsheets Combined By Google

Writely and Spreadsheets Combined By Googledocs.google.com is the new destination for Google’s Web-based Writely word processor and their companion spreadsheet.

Given both of the apps are Web-based, anyone with a Web browser can use these apps, no matter where they are. It’s not surprising that Google also offers extensive searching within the documents that are created.

Just how long the Writely name will survive, now it’s being referred to as Google Docs?

Google bought Writely back in March and got to work with bringing it into Google-dom.

Back in June, Google let it be known that they’d matched Writely with a spreadsheet, causing waves of discussion as to them treading on Microsoft’s toes.

One of the nifty features is the ability to collaborate with other people in your Google address book and choose to share the documents in an area created with anyone on the Web. Once created, the authors can attach tags to the content to locate them again.

This is great for Google, not just because they are knocking one on the chin for Microsoft, but because they’re giving people tools to generate content … for them to search on Google. Pretty cyclical init.

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