Plug-in Microphone For Palm T|X and Tungsten T5 PDAs

Plug-in Microphone For Palm T|X and Tungsten T5 PDAsWith it’s big and bright 640 x 480 screen, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and pocket pleasing form factor, the Palm T|X is a near-perfect PDA, except for one thing – Palm forgot to fit a bloomin’ microphone!

Although some members of the Palm community managed to ingeniously add their own microphone courtesy of several hours sweating over pliers, soldering irons and screwdrivers, this clearly wasn’t going to be the ideal solution for your average consumer.

Seeing a gap in the market, Tech Center Labs rocked up with their own high-quality external microphone solution for the TX, which simply clips onto the bottom of the PDA.

Reports say the quality is reasonable enough, and at a price of just $14.95 (£8, €12), it looks to be a good investment for TX users – especially those investigating mobile VoIP options.

Plug-in Microphone For Palm T|X and Tungsten T5 PDAsThere’s no need to buy any third party software either, as users can download the freeware SoundRec application, which provides a simple interface for audio recording to the Palm’s SD card.

More advanced users can download the $25 Personal Audio Pro recorder from Toysoft – or use Voice It software to enable voice navigation and dialling on their TX PDAs.

The company also offer a T|X Cradle with built in microphone for $25.

Tech Center Labs