FakeCall For Palm Treo 650

FakeCall For Palm Treo 650You must all be familiar with this dreadful situation when you’re stuck in a late Friday work meeting that never seems to end, while your mates are already in the pub.

The boss is showing no sign of finishing his motivational Power Point presentation (backed by the soft rock ‘team building’ sounds of Boston and Foreigner) and you’re desperately trying to think of a good enough reason to get you out of this hell hole.

If only the phone would ring with an urgent call!

Thanks to Fake Call, there’s now a handy and convincing way to escape perpetual presentations (and unwanted social interactions) by setting up simulated incoming phone calls.

Using the programs straightforward interface, you can set an appointment in the Treo’s Contacts to activate the fake call (or discretely press and hold a preconfigured key) and a call will materialise right on cue!

FakeCall For Palm Treo 650Ringtones can be set as required and when the phone rings, it’ll even display the name of the fake caller, so you can let your boss see how really urgent the call must be.

When you answer the call, one of four pre-defined “hello” greeting messages will blast out of your phone, or you can record your own one-sided ‘conversations’ in wav/mp3/ogg/wma file formats for added, boss-fooling authenticity

FakeCall requires 50k of memory and can be purchased from Toysoft Inc – it’s got to be worth the outlay for just $5.95 (£3.20, €4.70)!