KTF SPH-V9900 Ultra Slim Mobile Is World’s Thinnest

KTF SPH-V9900 Ultra Slim Mobile Is World's ThinnestThinner than a very thin thing on a crash diet, KTF’s new ultra-slim SPH-V9900 looks set to grab the crown as the World’s Thinnest Mobile.

Measuring a pencil-thin 6.9mm wide, this really is a tiny puppy and it looks pretty desirable – and practical too.

Unlike the lipstick-sized KTF EV-K130 phone we featured earlier this week, this phone actually looks like it can be used by people with fingers bigger than chop sticks.

Styled like a conventional phone from the front, the V9900 measures up at 113 x 50 x 6.9mm and weighs just 63g.

KTF SPH-V9900 Ultra Slim Mobile Is World's ThinnestThe front of the phone is dominated by a sizeable 1.9″ 262k TFT LCD display, with a familiar keypad design below.

Flipping the camera over, there’s a 2.0 megapixel camera module at the top, with a teensy lens lurking in a raised piece of casing.

There’s also an MP3 player wedged into its super lithe frame, with 128MB of onboard memory for storing tunes and photos.

KTF SPH-V9900 Ultra Slim Mobile Is World's ThinnestWe’re still battling with the Korean translation, but we don’t think there’s any kind of memory expansion on board, which is a bit of a shame (but we guess you can’t have it all with a phone this slim!).

We’ve no idea about pricing on European availability yet, but this phone looks like an absolute winner to our eyes – so long as you don’t sit on the thing, of course.