Pure One Digital DAB/FM Radio Launches – For Under Fifty Quid

Pure One Digital DAB/FM Radio Launches - For Under Fifty QuidAfter putting the book on subtle design through the shredder, Pure’s designers have come up with the dazzling new Pure One, a DAB digital radio for under £50 – in bright pink.

Pure aren’t a company afraid to experiment with design – previous designs have involved a weird bug like creation and another that looked like a mutant Toblerone – but they’ve always impressed us with the quality of their products.

Happily, the new Pure One is also available in more restrained black and white finishes, and serves up a very impressive feature set for the asking price.

Pure One Digital DAB/FM Radio Launches - For Under Fifty QuidThe scrolling text monochrome display shows station name, status icons, time and signal strength, with one touch tuning giving quick access to 20 DAB and FM (with RDS) stations.

Designed to be used all around the house and outside, there’s kitchen and sleep timers, USB upgradeability and support for the rechargeable ChargePAK battery pack.

Nifty new features include textSCAN – which lets listeners pause and control scrolling text so they’ve time to scribble down onscreen information – and Intellitext, which offers on-demand access to DAB extended text broadcasts, like sports news and headlines.

Battery life is quoted at around 35 hours of DAB listening from six standard C cell batteries, with the option to run the unit from the mains.

Pure One Digital DAB/FM Radio Launches - For Under Fifty QuidSupported by a full 2-year warranty, the Pure One will be available from May 2006.

Specifications: DAB digital and FM radio with full Band III DAB reception capability, for reception of all UK DAB broadcasts. Compliant with ETS 300 401 and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 192 kbps.
Frequency ranges: DAB Band III 174-240 MHz, FM 87.5-108 MHz.
Timers: Sleep and kitchen timers.
Speaker: Full-range 3″ drive unit.
Input connectors: 9V DC power adapter socket (230V adapter supplied). Mini USB connector for software upgrades.
Output connectors: 3.5 mm headphone socket.
Controls: Standby; volume, browse & select dial; volume/mute; timer; presets; info; DAB/FM; menu and stations.
Presets: 20 DAB or FM presets in a combined list.
LCD display: Custom, easy to read LCD with 16 x 2 character display plus status icons.
Mains power supply: 230V AC to 9V (0.8A) DC external power adapter.
Battery power supply: Six C (R14) batteries or ChargePAK (not supplied). At normal listening levels alkaline batteries provide approximately 35 hours, and ChargePAK provides approximately 20 hours of portable DAB listening.
Dimensions: 210 wide x 145 high x 72mm deep (excluding controls).
Aerial: Integral telescopic aerial.

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