Lovebytes 2006. Environments

20 – 25 MarchInternational Festival of Digital Art and Media The 10th Lovebytes Festival is happening in Sheffield this weekend! Featuring live music and multi-media performances, film screenings, workshops and exhibitions of new media work from around the world… Live music performances by Francis Dhomont (Canada), Fennesz (Austria), CM von Hauswolff (Sweden) and Aoki Takamasa (Japan). The film programme includes an international array of short films curated in partnership with organisations such as animate! (UK), onedotzero (UK), the UK Film Council and the Japan Media Arts Festival and an exclusive UK preview of David Slade’s feature film Hard Candy. Exhibitions include a specially commissioned three screen video installation by HFR-LAB (UK) and exhibitions of digital video work by Junebum Park (Korea), Julian Oliver (NZ) and Daniel Crooks (Australia). Presentations and workshops include desperate optimists (UK), Richard Fenwick (UK) who will be presenting their work and open source software workshops at Access Space. Sheffield UK