Onkyo X-N7UWX Wi-Fi Mini HiFi

Onkyo X-N7UWX Wi-Fi Mini HiFiIt has to be said that our last experience with an Onkyo hi-fi product wasn’t exactly favourable (see our Onkyo CR-505DAB review), but their huge popularity – particularly in Japan – means they must be doing something right.

Despite our reservations, the enticing, high-tech feature set of their new X-N7UWX(D) Mini HiFi (snappy name guys!), has almost made us forget our previous problems, with the compact unit offering up a veritable banquet of listening options, as well as Wi-Fi and PC compatibility.

Providing a small room-filling 10W×2ch (8O), the Onkyo comes stuffed with some clever convergence technology, including an iPOD Dock compatibility feature letting you control your iPOD from the unit.

Onkyo X-N7UWX Wi-Fi Mini HiFiAttractively clad in a silver finish with a large LCD panel, the X-N7UWX also comes with a USB dongle and separate Wi-Fi unit, letting you wirelessly connect the stereo up to your PC and listen to MP3s on your hard drive – or stream content from your desktop.

Despite falling fortunes in the UK, Onkyo has steadfastly stuck with the trusty MiniDisc format, including a MD player/recorder as well as a CD player.

Onkyo X-N7UWX Wi-Fi Mini HiFiThere’s also an AM/FM receiver in there too, and possibly a DAB radio.

A fevered rummage around their Japanese site revealed a X-N9UWX version, although after an eternity battling with a not-playing-ball Babelfish we couldn’t be sure what the difference is.

Onkyo X-N7UWX Wi-Fi Mini HiFiNo pricing or availability yet for either of the units, but even if this unit doesn’t make it to our shores, you can guarantee that we’ll be seeing a lot more Wi-Fi hi-fi units on the horizon.

And we’d like one please.

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