Homepages Collected On Flickr Homepages Collected On FlickrFriday afternoon distractions.

Kernel Panic has created a photoset on flickr collecting together many of the home pages over the years. There’s quite a collection, running at 155 so far.

Clearly with that number it’s not fully comprehensive, so they’re calling for other contribution. If you’ve got any knocking around in your digital attics, best add them in and spread the love.

Assorted gems include just before the bringing together of Next and Apple (1996); just after bringing together of Next and Apple (1996); French launch of Power Mac G3 (1999) ;launch of Airport (2000);death of George Harrison (2001);Mac OSX (2001) and iMac (2004) … you get the idea. Go on, head off there and have a dig around. home pages over the years