Google Music Search Launched

Google: Music Search LaunchedGoogle have thrown the switch on the latest addition to their search results – music.

Searching is either directly to Google Music Search, or if the music/band/song is well enough known, results can also appear in ‘normal’ Google results. Either way, it’s currently only working on the US (.com) site.

Google: Music Search LaunchedInitial music search results are split down to three sections Artists; Album; Songs. The information available is comprehensive.

  • Artists not only showing all of their records, but links through to Google images of them; discussions about them on Google Groups; and their site.
  • Albums give the break down of each of the tracks, and reviews that are available. A list of where the record can be bought is shown, complete with the comparative price they are charging against the name of the shops. Links to digital delivery sites like Apple’s iTunes and Real Rhapsody are also shown.
  • Songs show the start of the lyrics, linking to source for the full versions, links to any other version of the song as well as links to the expected artist information.
    • It’s been reported that, Google won’t be taking payments for connecting their users to the music tracks.

      Currently there’s no adverts on the search results – but we’d imagine that this will change in the near future, with one possibility being suppliers bid for the clicks.

      Google Music Search