Mesh Networks Discovered By The Mainstream

Mesh Networks are going to grow enormously by the end of the decade, according to ABI research. This ‘revalation’ is following years technical-types raving on about them.

While predicting “stellar growth rate”, they don’t think it will eat into current providers of current infrastructure, but instead new markets will emerge such as alternative service providers, municipalities and college campus’s. Oh and buy happy co-incidence, ABI have a report that you can buy about the subject, “Wireless Mesh Networking: Technologies and Deployment Strategies for Metropolitan and Campus Networks.”

Indeed, at the launch of the One Laptop Per Child event earlier in the week, Nicholas Negroponte explained that Mesh Networking was intrinsic to the success of the project, as many countries it would be used in do not have communication infrastructures.

Mesh Networks explained
Mesh Networks, have been spoken about, and set up by some, for many years. The idea behind it is simple. Each user of the network expands the reach of the network, by letting information pass through their machine to its eventual destination, be that another user of the network, or an external connection.

Using this a small community of people could share a single network connection. The network is ‘organic’ – everyone who uses it, contributes to it.

There are technical challenges. As each person on the network could disappear at any time, the routing of the information needs to be highly dynamic.

At the start of this week, Cisco announced their first Mesh network products, following their purchase of Airespace for $450 million in December of 2004.

ABI Research