HowTo: Google Local For Mobile Beyond The USA

Google Local For Mobile: Not Just The USAWe thought that it was worthwhile breaking out the following information that we gain in researching two article; GPS Discovered In Google Local For Mobile and Google Local For Mobile: Not Just The USA Surprise

  • Download the app to your mobile using the ‘Other” option
  • Select a handset close to your own (we’ve found that it doesn’t need to be your exact handset)
  • Download and run the app
  • Shift to satellite view and you’ll see the whole of the USA
  • Scroll right towards Europe
  • Zoom in to the desired location
  • Select 2 (Directions) to find route
  • Use ‘Select point on map’ to select the starting point, then finishing point
  • The route will be calculated
  • Click 3 to start stepping through your route
  • Have fun

Google Local For Mobile