LaCie Carte Orange Credit-Card Sized 8GB USB Storage Card

LaCie Carte Orange Credit-Card Sized 8GB USB Storage CardTravelling photographers and road warriors should love the new credit-card sized USB key from LaCie, offering a massive storage capacity of either 4Gb (4,000Mb) or 8Gb (8,000Mb).

Bedecked in a dazzling orange finish, the LaCie Carte Orange comes in a sturdy metal design and provides a ton of pocketable storage in a tiny form factor, measuring just 55x85x6mm and weighing less than 60g – far thinner than most traditional 1GB or 2GB USB keys

Powered by an integrated USB connector, The LaCie Carte Orange (who dreams up these daft names?!) can be plugged into any USB-equipped computer, with the design incorporating a flexible connector which retracts for safe transportation.

LaCie Carte Orange Credit-Card Sized 8GB USB Storage CardThe shirt-pocket untroubling device can be used on both Macs (OS 9.x/10.x) and PCs (Windows 98SE through XP), with no additional software or drivers needed, although the credit-card sized storage device also ships with LaCie Silverlining and SilverKeeper drive management and backup utilities.

Being a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 storage device, the Carte Orange offers an interface transfer rate of up to 480Mbit/s, making it an ideal solution for exchanging or backing up thousands of office files, and storing a party pack of music, videos, photos and slideshows.

LaCie Carte Orange Credit-Card Sized 8GB USB Storage Card“Mobility, reliability, ease of use, capacity and price are the five main keys to consider when buying storage. We meet them all with the Carte Orange,” table-thumped Olivier Mirloup, LaCie Senior Product Manager.

“With 4GB at $99 and 8GB at $149, LaCie Carte Orange is certainly the ideal USB key for a variety of uses,” he insisted while trying to avert its horrible garish finish.

The USB key is expected to ship in mid-November with the 4GB version retailing for $99.99 (~£56, ~€82) and the 8GB daddy knocking out for $149 (~£84, ~€123).