32 Billion (est.) SMS Messages For 2005 (News Release)

Continuing last month’s groundbreaking trend, a total of 87 million textmessages were sent on average per day throughout August. The handsetclearly proved to be a must have during the holiday season as figures onceagain topped 2.7 billion messages according to figures released today by theMobile Data Association (MDA). The continued increase in text messaging hasallowed the MDA to revise the annual forecast to 32 billion for 2005.

August saw two bumper days for text messaging as youngsters shared GCSE andA-level results, success and commiserations with friends and family. Atotal of 99 million text messages were sent on August 18th, the day thatGCSE results were issued. This figure is 25% higher than the 79 million textmessages recorded on the same day last year and continues the upward trendof communicating by text at this nail biting time. The figure for August25th, the day A-level results were released, was even higher with a total of99.5 million messages sent across the UK networks.

Mobile Data Association