HBH-608: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset For VoIP Calls

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-608 Headset For VoIP CallsNo matter how hard we try, when we see someone wandering about with a Bluetooth headset in their lughole we don’t think, “there’s a cool, go-getting professional”; we tend to have an irresistible urge to shout unprintable things in their direction.

But we understand that for some, these ear-hugging lumps of plastic have become indispensable work tools, so with a suppressed sneer of derision, let us tell you about the Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Bluetooth Headset.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-608 Headset For VoIP CallsDesigned to be compatible with Sony VAIO BX laptops, the HBH-608 connects the computer with the headset via Bluetooth making it possible to handle calls over the Internet (VoIP) without faffing about with troublesome phone cables.

The small and light HBH-608 can apparently give you up to ten hours of re-enacting your favourite Nathan Barley scenes.

Ulf Persson, corporate VP for Sony Ericsson Accessories, extols the virtues:

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-608 Headset For VoIP Calls“The knowledge from two strong brands in the communications industry comes together in this solution. We believe that our joint experience benefits the user, making telecommunication as smooth as possible.”

The HBH-608 connects to a VAIO using the computer’s own software, with the wireless connection allowing users to amble up 10 meters from the laptop.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-608 Headset For VoIP CallsBest of all, when you need to pop out for a double skinny frappuccino with Bolivian gnu’s milk, the same handset can be kept in your ear and used with your Bluetooth mobile phone on the street.

Like way, err, cool dude.

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