SkyCard: Interactive Credit Card from Sky

BSkyB and Barclaycard to Launch Interactive Credit CardIn a synergistic embrace, BSkyB and Barclaycard have signed an agreement which will see them join forces to launch a Sky-branded credit card later this year.

The SkyCard will work just like any other credit card but offers the advantage of being fully integrated with Sky’s interactive television services.

We see this is a smart move with Sky inserting themselves between the customer and any content or goods that could be offered to them in the future

Customers can insert their SkyCard in their Sky box to manage their account securely and, soon after launch, to make purchases through the television using their remote control.

This looks like a lucrative opportunity for BSkyB to exploit the unique loyalty and interactive features of the SkyCard to its growing base of more than seven million direct-to-home customers across the UK.

Naturally, there’ll be inducements to get people using the card, with SkyCard cardholders earning SkyPoints with eligible purchases.

These points will offer exclusive savings on Sky entertainment including, for example, the cost of a monthly Sky digital subscription.

Here’s the back-slapping PR schmooze from Jon Florsheim, BSkyB’s Managing Director, Sales, Marketing and Interactive:

“SkyCard will build on the value delivered to customers, enabling them to save money through the loyalty scheme and to get more out of their Sky digital subscription..”

For BSkyB and Barclaycard, this looks to be a winning partnership and maybe one that the customers will enjoy too.

After all, the prospect of being able to buy stuff through your Sky box and earning loyalty points towards the cost of subscription services in the process may prove tempting.

And with Sky no doubt skimming a percentage off any e-commerce/t-commerce sales, there should be smiles all around.

One fly in this interactive ointment may be the trust factor: would you trust Sky as your credit card company?