HomeChoice Floats Advert Targeting on IP VOD

Video Networks Introduce Enhancements to its HomeChoice ServiceVideo Networks Ltd (VNL) has announced a range of enhancements to the TV functionality of its HomeChoice service, claimed to improve the overall customer experience.

The enhancements include ‘On-demand intros’ which lets advertisers place brand stings, messages, cross promotions or advertisements automatically before any on-demand programme.

These on-demand intros are designed to look like the trailers and cross promotions that are shown before the start of a movie in a cinema.

HomeChoice will soon be showing targeted trailers at the beginning of purchased films together with parental advice where appropriate. The trailers will be for films of similar genres or suitability for the audience.

Targeted advertising or sponsorship may also be included, with viewers being able to link from these on-demand intros into other video-on-demand content related to the brand being advertised.

The benefit for consumers is that because the programme itself is on-demand, they wouldn’t miss any viewing time by responding to these adverts.

Also announced is the ability to press a button on the HomeChoice remote control and receive an email containing details of programmes, products or services promoted on screen.

HomeChoice are yet to implement the feature, but have suggested that the technology could be used to include a URL taking you to a specific part of a company’s Web site, a PDF brochure for a car advertisement or a printable coupon allowing money off a specific product that has been promoted.

Dean Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer, Video Networks Ltd said: “Video Networks has already announced plans to launch The Ad Chart following an extremely successful pilot with Lowe Partners and these latest developments reinforce our commitment to creating alternative advertising opportunities on our platform. We will continue to build on these enhancements to build a comprehensive advertising strategy during 2005.”

Video Networks have also introduced the ability to broadcast short, channel specific, targeted messages that can start the moment the viewer tunes in – these could include messages promoting upgrade promos on channels.

Our first reaction when we read today’s announcement was not a good one: do hapless consumers really want even more adverts/promos/jingly-jangly PR assaults thrust at them every time they go near their video box?

Happily, we rang them up and learnt that viewers can skip the ads. Phew.

Video Networks Ltd