Dixons to promote Napster 2.0 in the UK

The now-legitimate music download service Napster has signed a multi-faceted deal with UK electronic retailing giant Dixons. Dixons will install Napster 2.0 software on all the own-brand computers (Advent, Ei System and Patriot) and sell Napster-branded blank CDRs, CD wallets and CD labelling kits in store. Dixons have also committed to promote the service on its Web site and in stores, with the campaign starting in two weeks.

Despite announcing the closure of 300 stores around the UK Dixons are the dominant electronics retailer in the UK with more than 1,100 outlets in the UK, including the PC World, The Link and Currys chains.

The costs of the UK version of Napster are not known but at current exchange rates the US equivalent would be singles at $0.99 (£0.53) and full albums for around $10 (£5.33).

Napster have also announced that they will launch their service in Canada, claiming it to be the first legitimate offering there. They will be provding Canadian consumers a localised version of Napster 2.0, complete with Canadian-specific radio stations, promotions and content from domestic acts. Details of the UK offering have not been revealed.