Apple iTunes hit 3.3m song in 1 week

Apple are very proud that they have reached their record sales of 3.3m paid-for music tracks in one week. We feel it is no coincidence that they are keen to tell everyone about it in the week that Sony launch their Connect music service.

They are putting it down to the introduction of iMixes. iMixes is a clever idea, which combines a recommendation list and old-school mix tapes, encouraging purchasers to widen their musical choices and in the process opening them up to buying a lot more songs. Apple report that over 20,000 of the have been uploaded already.

The big sales figure might also be down to attracting more people to the service by giving away free tracks to mark its one year anniversary. More that 500,000 tracks were downloaded.

The iTunes Music store now has 700,000 song and is adding to them all of the time. They have just done a deal with Motown, who are marking their 45 year anniversary, are to make the “vast majority” of their albums available digitally for the first time.

Apple iTunes press release