UEFA rules streaming video offside

Sensible thinking from UEFA to not stream video, on a couple of points :-

  1. Cost of BB distribution of these clips could be crippling. I imagine they are going to build up addiction of this video content using NarrowBand (NB) and then introduce charging with a premium for the BB version
  2. I don’t know where most of the UEFA viewers would be, but it’s highly possible that the countires don’t have wide BB access.

McKinsey predict 40m BB household in 3-5 years

McKinsey prediction that 40m US households will have BB access in 3-5 years has some pretty sobering financials in it, but generally this article shows a typical surface-level understanding of what the medium is about with limiting comments summing up whole of iTV like ‘shows that permit viewers to decide how they would like plot-lines to turn out (interactive TV)’, being a clear illustration of this.