Fox Plays With “Blinks”: Super-Short Advertising

Clear Channel, Fox Deliver Super-Short Advertising BlinksWe’ve all known for years that PVR’s have been eating TV advertising. Murdoch has been on top of this for ages too, which makes it all the more interesting to hear that his Fox network is using 2-second Blinks, adverts. Digital Music News covers what is happening.

Clear Channel Radio realigned its advertising strategy last year by structuring shorter spots, a move designed to spark greater listener stickiness. The strategy, dubbed “Less Is More,” has now gone into overdrive with the “blink,” an incredibly short spot that runs about two seconds.

The ultra-fast slot is now being used by Fox to promote several shows, including “Prison Break,” “House,” and “The Simpsons.” The quick punch is designed to create an instant connection, and drive subsequent viewers. “Like our breakthrough programming, these spots are one-of-a-kind, and through the power of radio, they will be heard across the country,” said Kaye Bentley, senior vice president at the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Clear Channel, Fox Deliver Super-Short Advertising BlinksOverall, Clear Channel Radio has experienced mixed results following Less Is More, though recent quarters have shown positive revenue increases. Clear Channel executives have credited those jumps to the shortened advertising slots, which address a major source of radio listener irritation.

From a broader perspective, the concept is also designed to discourage listener migration towards competing formats like satellite radio subscriptions and even iPod collections. Blinks have already run for “Prison Break,” and get started for “House” and “The Simpsons” early next month.