Twittering ‘celebs’ Hit Daily Mail Where It Hurts – Sales

Twittering 'celebs' hit Daily Mail Where It Hurts - SalesFunny to see The Daily Mail run a piece on how ‘celebrities’ are signing up on Twitter entitled, “How boring: Celebrities sign up to Twitter to reveal the most mundane aspect of their lives.”

They deride the Tweets of the ‘stars’ as casting “a fascinating light on just how mundane, not to say downright dull, the day-to-day existence of many stars really is.”

Shock horror! You mean that the ‘stars’ might also be Human too? Doing things that everyone else does? They’re not of a different breed or race?

Twittering ‘celebs’ are a threat
Of course, as @Kevinmarks pointed out, the real reason that the Daily Mail want to run down Twitter is that a large proportion of their Web site and perhaps paper (haven’t seen it for a long time so can’t comment) is based on what the celebrities are up to.

The ‘celeb’ industry has become a large part of many newspapers, as the papers scrabble to find out what the public are actually interested in, in a vain attempt to maintain the sales of their bits of reprocessed trees.

What used to fill newspapers – news that actually mattered – has been filled out with, and in some cases actually replaced by the trivia of ‘celeb’ life.

If Twitter is used by ‘celebs,’ the public will be able to follow them directly. Without the papers. Or dis-intermediation as it used to be called way back in the Web 1.0 days.

Not only will the papers start to lose even more sales, but by hearing directly from the fingertips of their starts, the fans have the illusion of feeling closer to their chosen idol.

More control for ‘celebs’
For the ‘celeb’ they have the additional advantage of being able to control their public face, rather than having to rely on the newspapers interpreting it for them.

Quick tip to the Tweeting ‘celebs’ that they’ll need to quickly realise – if you get your PR to write your Tweets for you, you’ll be quickly rumbled. Once exposed, you’ll be roasted alive. Have fun!