Scots Are Big PC Spenders, Lancs Folks Skinflints

Scots Are Big PC Spenders, Lancs Folks SkinflintsThe media stereotype might have the Scots as haggis-scoffing skinflints, but a new study shows that when it comes to laptops, they’re one of the big spenders around town.

Researchers for a YouGuv survey commissioned by motherboard maestros AMD found that of all the UK regions, Scotland was the most willing to fork out top dollar on a new laptop.

The study found that Scots were happy to shell out an average of £609 for a notebook and £694 for a desktop, with Lancashire folk being the tightest on both counts, registering a miserly average of just £421 per laptop and £560 for a desktop PC.

London came third in the laptop spending stakes with £576 (behind the South West at £581), but hit the top spot for desktops, with Cockney Gor Blimey guv’nor types willing to part with a monkey, two ton and a nicker for a desktop PC (that gibberish converts into £701).

Scots Are Big PC Spenders, Lancs Folks Skinflints
Not surprisingly, geezers across the country are far more willing to spend more dosh on PC equipment than women, with the study finding that blokes are prepared to splash out £593 on a laptop and £684 on a desktop, whereas laydees are only willing to shell out £495 and £595 respectively.

Here’s YouGov’s breakdown for average regional spending for a new laptop:

1. Scotland – £609
2. South West – £581
3. London – £576
4. South – £574
5. Tyne Tees – £549
6. Midlands – £549
7. East Anglia – £#532
8. Wales – £514
9. Yorkshire – £480
10. Lancashire – £421