Which Is The Best Camera Phone?

Which Is The Best Camera Phone?It appears that the desire to find out which is the best camera bolted to a mobile phone is quite the fashion at the moment.

We’ve found two publications that are currently revisiting the subject.

All About Symbian (AAS) have gone all hardcore about it (as is their want) and have picked various situations where people take photo, outside on a sunny day; close ups; inside in a darkened space, you get the idea.

AAS have picked cameras that run Symbian, not surprisingly, narrowing their tests down to two Samsung and three Nokia handsets.

The piece is well worth a read and a look through the photos, but we’ll cut to the chase – the new Samsung i8510 8Mpx wins.

It’s not just because it’s got an 8Mpx camera, but the overall quality of its shots in various conditions.

Nokia’s now long in the tooth N95 is second.

Read AAS piece

Which Is The Best Camera Phone?CNet have gathered a number of articles together as well in pursuit of the same ‘best camera phone in the world quest’

It’s a shame that the LG Viewty and Secret were left out – we’ve always found their 5Mpx shots pretty impressive.