Brando Super Tiny Keyboard Lives Up To Its Name

Brando Super Tiny Keyboard Lives Up To Its NameIf you’ve never got on with fold-out portable keyboards, weird rubbery roll-out things and hi-tech but ultimately useless virtual laser keyboards, then perhaps the latest teensy weensy creation from gizmo overlords Brando might delight yer digits.

There’s no doubting that their new Super Tiny Keyboard lives up to the name, with the pint-sized tapboard measuring up at just 170 x 73 x 15mm and weighing 116 grams.

The Lilliputian marvel is designed for use with laptops and portable handsets and hooks up to devices via a USB. Curiously, there’s no Bluetooth or IR connection offered which is going to immediately restrict is usefulness at a stroke.

Brando Super Tiny Keyboard Lives Up To Its NameYou can forget all about this keyboard if you’ve got sausage sized fingers too, as the tiny keys means that it’s only for the daintiest of digits.

Brando say that the all-black 56 key nano-board packs a Fn/Num lock change function and is “Static resistant magnetic” and “field disturb resistant,” whatever that means, and comes with a rather attractive sounding “silent switch feeling.” Which almost sounds sexual.

Brando Super Tiny Keyboard Lives Up To Its NameThe Super Tiny Keyboard comes with a retractable cable and can be yours, all yours, for just $25 (£13) from their gadget laden website.

PS We’re not sure if it’s just us, but the person holding the keyboard in their promo pic sure seems to have spookily long fingers.

2 thoughts on “Brando Super Tiny Keyboard Lives Up To Its Name”

  1. eww photoshop error surely… or an ET relation?

    I recently bought a roll up keyboard which my only complaint with is the right hand shift key (too close to the up arrow leading to much confusion!) but this keyboard doesn’t appear to have a shift key on the right side (or any arrow keys..?) which doesn’t help me either. I know there is always the left shift but for some reason my brain I can’t explain or justify I can’t comprehend using that instead of the right one..

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