Palm Pro WM Smartphone Looks A Good ‘Un

Palm Pro WM Smartphone Looks A Good 'UnAfter a Flash demo was apparently ‘accidentally’ posted on Palm’s website, bloggers have been busy digging up more information about the forthcoming Palm Pro handset – and by all accounts it’s a bit of a beauty. Much to our joy.

Running Windows Mobile 6.1 (not the Palm OS, sadly), the Palm Pro sports a crisp, sleek modern design with a shiny black finish that looks set to provide a decent challenge to Blackberry’s new Bold smartphone.

Although the Palm has a smaller screen (a 2.4″ 320 x 320 display compared to the Bold’s impressive 480 x 320), it has the advantage of being a touch screen.

The Pro comes with built in Wi-Fi – a long overdue first for Palm – and packs a ‘snappy’ 400Mhz CPU with 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM storage. The phone will offer triband 3G and quadband GSM for worldwide use, and there’s GPS onboard too.

There’s also a 2 Megapixel camera onboard, a microUSB connector (goodbye to Palm’s proprietary port – hooray!), support for microSD cards up to 32gb and a 3.5mm earphone connector – something that all phone manufacturers should be made to fit as standard.

Palm Pro WM Smartphone Looks A Good 'UnThe battery is a fairly generous 1500mah jobbie and Palm’s nice design touches extend to the familiar ringer on/off switch at the top and a handy WiFi switch on the side.

There’s no news of a release date or worldwide availability yet, but a collection of photos of the Palm Pro can be found here:

Palm Pro WM Smartphone Looks A Good 'Un

Palm Pro WM Smartphone Looks A Good 'Un

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