Logosphere: Kitchen Table Lingo Wants Your Words

Logosphere: Kitchen Table Lingo Wants Your WordsIt appears that no-one is immune to Internet fads these days, even traditional venerable institutions such as Oxford English Dictionary (OED) are getting involved.

(Amazingly the OED is only 80 years old – it’s one of those things that you would have assume had been around since the invention of the print press in Europe by Gutenberg … or before.)

To sync with the 80th anniversary, a project called Kitchen Table Lingo is being launched where families from around the English-speaking world are being asked to submit words that are used only within their families.

The Website will take these words and collate a logosphere — yes, you read that right, it’s not a blogosphere — meaning a “universe of words.”

Think along the lines of Urban Dictionary, but for posh people!