70% Of Mobile Voice Mail Not In Dictionary!

70% Of Mobile Voice Mail Not In Dictionary!An amazing 70% of the language used by people leaving voice mails on mobile phones isn’t in the dictionary, reveals Spinvox, a company that changes mobile phone voice mails in to text.

Clearly this could make changing those voice messages into text quite a challenge. Not only does their system, called D2, have to deal with accents around a county — some of them pretty strong around the British Isles — but also learn about the slang that is used in those regions.

Amazingly SpinVox tell us that they’re learning 150 new words a week.

Follow their research, they’ve turned up a top ten list of those words most frequently used

  • docky n. Norfolk. a snack
  • blart v. Midlands. to cry
  • brammer n. W. Scotland. an outstanding person or thing
  • gennell n. N. England. alleyway
  • dreckly adv. S. West. immediately
  • hoy v. Cumbria. to throw
  • hacky adj. Tyneside. dirty
  • jangle v. Liverpool. to gossip
  • spogs n. Yorks. confectionary
  • snappin n. Stoke-on-Trent. food

Given the variety of areas covered, we’ve got absolutely no idea on how you pronounce them, so you’re on your own there!