e-cigarette: Real, Apparently

We’re not sure how serious this one is – an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette.

In a land like the UK, where those who wish to smoke in a public building, like a pub, are cast outside the buildings to drag from their cigarettes, come cold, rain or shower – something that gives the nicotine hit without all of the bother might be welcome.

Ta Da! Here comes the e-cigarette that lets all of those nicotine-nuts get their hit without having to go outside.

The Gamucci electronic cigarette looks vaguely like a cigarette but is in fact a portable vaporiser, so heats up what you put into it, but doesn’t burn it – hence no smoke. No smoke, no getting chucked outside to do it, or so goes the theory.

There’s a starter pack available for just under £50 which contain

  • Gamucci Classic E-cigarette
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries
  • 5 High strength cartridges (16mg nicotine)
  • Mains Charger with UK plug adapter
  • Gamucci carry bag

Spare 11mg refill cartridges available in packs of five for £10. We’re told that each cartridge is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.

Clearly we don’t support the use of this kind of device. Nicotine isn’t very good for you.

On its seriousness – We’ve been in touch with the PR company who assure us that it’s a real thing. It must be … there’s even a video :)

2 thoughts on “e-cigarette: Real, Apparently”

  1. Yes it is a serious device. There are many on the market, some better quality than others – the e-cigarette represents the first serious alternative for the smokers that cannot quit (of which there are many)

    Have a look at e-cigarette-forum.com, there are many knowledgeable users there who can explain in far greater detail.

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