Virgin Mobile Daily Bonus PAYG Scheme

Virgin Mobile Daily Bonus PAYG SchemeVirgin are always rather good at separate you from your money – usually more money than you thought you wanted to spend – like the ‘opportunity’ of buying a place on the seats by the emergency exists on a plane, you know the ones that use to be free.

Well now they’ve come up with a way of getting Virgin Mobile PAYG customers to use their mobile phones on a daily basis, thus slowly using up their credit. They call it Daily Bonus

The idea is pretty clever we think. All a Virgin Mobile customer has to do is make five minutes of calls a day, to any UK landline or mobile, and they’ll receive five free minutes of calls. The same goes for text messages, send five text, get five text. The bonus ‘free’ call minutes and texts have to be used that day too.

Any calls made or texts that sent outside the ‘free’ allowance will be charged at the Daily Bonus tariff rate.

The Thinking
Normal behaviour of PAYG customers sit on their credits, using them sporadically and trying to make the last as long as possible. By tempting customers with _free_ stuff, Virgin could end up getting them to use their credits faster – they also become more used to using their phones – thus making top-ups more regularly.

From the 1st February 2008, new and existing Virgin Mobile customers will be able to sign up to the Daily Bonus tariff by texting BONUS to 789050.

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