Lenovo X300 Series Ultralight Thinkpad Leaked

Lenovo X300 Series Ultralight Thinkpad LeakedDetails of Lenova’s functional-looking new Thinkpad ultraportable, dubbed the X300, have begun to appear on the Internet.

Finished in IBM/Lenova’s distinctive dark grey, the Vista Ultimate-powered laptop boasts 14″ standard, full-size keyboard, a 13.3in WXGA+TFT screen supporting 1,440 x 900 pixels resolution, powered by a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM can be fitted.

Although it can’t match the waif-like thinness of the new MacBook Air, there’s no shortage of ports onboard, with the X300 offering three USB ports, 3 PCI-E slows (2 full, 1 half), VGA adapter and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Like the Air, there’s a solid state drive option available, up to 64GB.

Lenovo X300 Series Ultralight Thinkpad Leaked

There’s also a removable (take that Apple!) 3 cell LiPolymer battery offering 4 hours of use, an integrated microphone and camera, with Lenova’s trademark touchpad and trackpoint combo.

Business users will appreciate the built in fingerprint reader and lock slot, while connectivity comes in the impressive shape of Bluetooth, MIMO, GPS, WWAN and WiMAx options. An expansion bay can also accept an ultrathin DVD drive, secondary battery or ExpressCard slot.

Dimensions are recorded at 381mm x 231mm x 18.6 – 23.4mm, with the lappie weighing in at 1.44kg (that’s 3.17lbs in old money).

There’s no news on availability or pricing yet, but unless you rate pose value above actual functionality, this could prove a more attractive alternative to Apple superslim wallet-crusher.


3 thoughts on “Lenovo X300 Series Ultralight Thinkpad Leaked”

  1. There is probably a typo in size – 381mm ? thats way too much. 318mm is probably the correct number.

  2. Maybe I’m just getting cynical but this one sounds a little too good to be true – particularly at that just 1.44kg! It may not be as slim but by my count it’s lighter and for me that’s always a deciding factor in a portable devise.
    Definitely out spec the Macbook Air, if the rumours are true so Mac could have a problem. But, having said that, there are probably some who will be put off the Lenovo because it’s more industrial look.

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