Whitehaven Analogue Switchover: Paul Ridsdale, BT Vision (podcast)

Whitehaven Analogue Switchover: Paul Ridsdale, BT Vision (podcast)BT Vision were up in Whitehaven before, during and after the analogue switch off trying to tempt ‘Switchers’ to take up the service.

The pitch they’re using is, why pay for just a Freeview Digital TV box, when for £30 (about the same as a low end digital TV tuner), you can pay to have BT Vision installed, for which you’ll get a Freeview tuner, a digital TV recorder (previously known as a PVR) and the ability to have pay-per-view films, sports and other programmes.

Given that a digital TV recorder is £100-£150 it’s a pretty reasonable argument. The only caveat is that the household must have BT broadband.

At the time of the interview – 17, October – Paul told us that to date, the take up around the area was around the 50 mark and on a nationwide basis BT Vision users are Average number of five view per month.

We chatted to Paul Ridsdale, BT Vision about the take up of the service, what was on offer, and how things are going for them.