Whitehaven Switchover: Ilse Howling, Freeview (Podcast)

Whitehaven Switchover: Ilse Howling, Freeview (Podcast)The day after digital switch over; we caught up with Ilse Howling to have a quick chat about her views on the switch over and the the introduction of the next stage of Freeview – the ability to easily record the programmes on Digital TV.

Freeview have worked with the Digital Television Group to create the specification of the Freeview Playback, their version of a PVR, or as they’re labeling it a Digital Television Recorder.

We can see this name really catching on, due to its clear, literal meaning – it’s for recording digital television!

There’s been significant focus on ensuring that the boxes have a focus on low energy consumption.

Man, is she a professional.


2 thoughts on “Whitehaven Switchover: Ilse Howling, Freeview (Podcast)”

  1. Yes it is a step forward but what happens to those who want to record two programs at two different times on freeview. Can they switch channels as was possible with analogue?

    Same for those with freesat. not possible yet I think unless you pay a SKY subscription.

    Better picture quality yes. Less choice

  2. I _think_ the spec of the digital TV recorders specify that they can record two channels.

    On the better picture quality – sadly not always, depends on the amount of compression they’ve applied to the TV channel.

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