Gmail: Now 20Mb Attachments

Gmail: Now 20Mb AttachmentsGmail, Google’s Web-based email service, has enlarged the size of attachments that can be sent, doubling the previous 10Mb limit to 20Mb.

On hearing this news, creators of bloated powerpoint presentations all over the city were seen to be dancing in the streets rejoicing.

One of the few downsides of Gmail that we’ve found is what was originally headlined as the major benefit of it – it’s now 2.8Gb of storage. Their original line “was never throw any email away again” – which three years ago, when it launched in April 2004 with a 1Gb allowance, seemed plausable.

In our experience, with us using Gmail as our sole email handler for all of our email accounts, 2.8Gb just isn’t enough. We’re just hoping that Gmail goes the same route as Yahoo Mail’s by unlimiting the storage available.

Alternatively giving tools to heavy users of Gmail to locate and delete the large email attachment would certainly help.

By way of a distraction of worrying about these things, some of the Gmail team have created a video to outline some of the advantages of using Gmail.