The PerCushion: The Comfiest Phone In The World

The PerCushion: The Comfiest Phone In The WorldTry as we might, we can’t think of the last time we said to ourselves, “You know what? We could really use a Bluetooth enabled cushion,” but the good news is that if ever such a thought should cross our minds, has the answer.

Their new Bluetooth-enabled perCushion comes in the shape of a large curvy cushion (pretty hugging lady optional) and sports an integrated microphone and speakers.

Lovingly created from cotton velvet with a comfy inner foam core, the 66cm long PerCushion lets recumbent chatters connect to their mobiles via an embedded a Bluetooth device lurking within the padding.

The PerCushion: The Comfiest Phone In The WorldPowered by a rechargeable lithium ionic battery, call status is displayed via a series of LEDs, which indicate if the, err, pillow is in active standby mode or taking an incoming call.

Naturally, such an extraordinary daft idea comes with some an extraordinary daft marketing guff:

“Remember the times before our mobile digital lifestyle, when communication with a close friend stood for something emotional and touching. It can again with the soft and relaxing perCushion. Your cell phone notifies the digital cushion wirelessly, via Bluetooth and enables you to pick up the call while relaxing on your sofa.”

The PerCushion: The Comfiest Phone In The WorldAlthough we couldn’t argue with anyone claiming that it’s the most comfortable phone on the planet, the idea of someone actually sitting at home talking into a cushion would suggest the presence of magic mushrooms to us.

Sadly, despite the perCushion being debuted at CeBIT, we’re not sure if it will ever get past the concept stage. But we still kind of like it.