Emporia Life Phone Targets Older Generation

Emporia Life Phone Targets Older GenerationOn display at the CeBit hi-tech fair last week was a new mobile phone offering a built-in emergency button.

Designed for older folks, the Life mobile phone gets rid of all the usual multimedia razzmatazz and bells’n’whistles in preference for a no-nonsense, back-to-basics handset that should prove simpler to use for the technologically challenged.

The stripped down dual band phone comes with a big 2.7in (6.8cm) monochrome screen matched by over-sized buttons designed to be read by people with failing sight.

Emporia Life Phone Targets Older GenerationThe phone comes with extra loud volume options for speaker and ring tones and has a powerful vibration alert to ensure the owner knows that someone’s calling.

For added security, there’s a big emergency red button on the back which can be programmed to call a designated number for help and send off a pre-written text message.

The Life phone has been created by the Austrian firm Emporia, who have started developing simpler phones aimed at the older generation.

Emporia Life Phone Targets Older GenerationThere seems to be some debate about just how old the target market actually is: the MatureMarket.com website (for “seniors & Baby boomers worldwide”) had it pegged as a phone targeted at the over 40s. The BBC reckoned it was for over the over 50s, while the manufacturers own site had it pegged for even older people, “the 60+ generation.”

Emporia Life (PDF)
Emporia Site

8 thoughts on “Emporia Life Phone Targets Older Generation”

  1. Please can you supply me with your nearest suppliers address and web page.

    My address is in the Oxford area, England.
    Post code OX29 8AN.

    Many thanks,

  2. Good news for those interested (and we’ve had a couple of phone calls on this items too from readers).

    The company does appear to exist. I spoke to them yesterday and today and hope to get a review unit through soon.

  3. Does it really exist? Or is it getting little advertising because it is for what is becoming the ignored generation? M.L.

  4. Marjorie – We’re really interested in this product. We see it as fulfilling a real need.

    I know from the experience with my Mum that most mobile phones that are available are no good to her at all – buttons too small, menus confusing, features not needed, etc.

    Something that is well designed and easy to use will sell in truckloads.

    As far as an ignored generation, there’s too many baby boomers to ignore isn’t there?

  5. Emporia life – where can I purchase this phone for my 93yearold father. I tried to e-mail the company in Austria, but have never received a reply.

    I live in Central London

  6. Follow up on our first Plea:–

    we are still very keen to get our hands on such a device for my 90 years old father—

    Please-please where can we purchase this device from?

    As stated above, the 90 yrs group seems to be a forgotten generartion, but the Old age numbers are increasing and I do think that they will soon outnumber the “Baby Boom” generation and as such their needs should be taken more seriously.

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