NW Start Up 2.0

23.Nov.06 Starting an internet business? Seasoned entrepreneur? Got the killer idea? Wondering what the 2.0 this and 2.0 that is all about? Looking for investment? Looking to invest? What about SaaS? Do you know how many SaaS vendors have entered the market recently? Have you considered starting a business in this space? Web 2.0 (mostly consumer driven) and SaaS (B2B) are the two main evolutions taking place right now. Come along to the north-west’s first and premier 2.0 networking event for an evening of conversation and potential dealmaking. We aim to encourage creative thinking. With input from Techcrunch‘s Sam Sethi, internet original Ivan Pope now Snipperoo, David Terrar of Twinfield and D Squared C and Manchester entrepreneur Manoj Ranaweera of ebdex IoD hub Manchester
Peter House, St Peter’s Square, Oxford Street
Manchester, Manchester M1 5AN