Pure Digital Camcorder Uploads Videos Direct To Google

Pure Digital Camcorder Uploads Videos Direct To GooglePure Digital Technologies has announced a cheapo camcorder that can upload movies to video sharing Web sites like Google Video with a single click.

The $129 palm-sized camcorder can hold up to 30 mins of footage ($169 for the 60-minute version) and boasts a 2x digital zoom and 1.4-inch colour playback screen, with a pull-out USB connector.

The point’n’shoot camcorder plugs directly into PCs or Macs, with the built-in software letting punters transfer and process footage with a single click.

The software includes instant sharing options like one-click emailing, video greeting cards and custom-edited movie mixes, with the option to burn DVDs by taking the cam to one of the 10,000 Pure Digital-certified retail locations.

Pure Digital Camcorder Uploads Videos Direct To GoogleAllen Weiner, an analyst with market tracker Gartner, reckoned Pure Digital were on to a winner, describing the pint-size camcorder as “simple, but also revolutionary.”

“There are millions of people who look at a site like YouTube and want to put their videos up, but have no idea how to do it,” he said. “This puts everything directly into the camera itself.”

Pure Digital are feeling bullish about sales prospects, predicting around 250,000 camcorder sales this year – that’s 9% of all camcorders sold – with sales topping one million next year.

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  1. This is a fun little camcorder to have in your pocket or laying around the house to catch those goofy things that you want to share with friends and family.

    Works fine in room lit situations and outside. And the downloading is so painless. If this catches on, it will be huge.
    Sample of my dogs playing:

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