Broadband Barmy Brits Online For Fifty Days A Year

Broadband Barmy Brits Online For Fifty Days A YearA new survey by service comparison firm claims that Britain’s 10 million broadband users are spending an average of nearly a whole day online every single week.

The research revealed that broadband addicted Brits are glued to their modems for 23.5 hours online each week, which works out to a total of 50 days out of a whole year.

The same survey – which involved 15,323 people taking part in an online poll by YouGov – revealed that 87% of broadband users shop online with 78% using the Web for their banking – even if the service is crap.

According to’s figures, 40% of people now listen to online radio, with almost as many (39%) using their connections to download music.

Broadband Barmy Brits Online For Fifty Days A YearInternet telephony looks to be continuing its explosive growth, with one in eight people of those surveyed saying that they’d used net telephone calls using technology like VoIP software such as Skype.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
As is almost always the case with these flaming surveys, completely contradictory results can be found in a recent survey by the regulator Ofcom.

According to their findings – based on interviews with adults across the UK – broadband users spent just 12 hours online a week, with just 12% of users saying they spent more than 25 hours a week online.