Vodafone 3G On Apple MacBook Via USB

Well they got there finally, Vodafone UK have announced that they’re releasing the less than catchy named Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem in the Autumn. It will support their 3G data service and, surprise, surprise, connect to computers using a USB lead. Rather neatly the software disks aren’t needed, as they’re installed directly from the modem.

This advance will broaden out the service to any machine that doesn’t have a full sized PCMCIA/PC Card slot because it’s too old, or it’s too modern, like the some of the new laptops which only support the smaller ExpressCard, or their Apple Macintosh’s that might not support either.

Connection to the HSDPA network, in optimum conditions, will be a healthy 1.4Mbps receive and 384Kbps transmit. Currently Vodafone high-speed 3G network covers the major conurbations in the UK, but not the whole of the UK. Their stated plans are 75% of the population by summer 2007.

There will be a suggested limit of 1Gb of data transfered a month. Those who do not comply “may be asked to moderate their usage,” and persistent usage in excess of the limit “may also result in suspension or termination of the customer’s service.”

2 thoughts on “Vodafone 3G On Apple MacBook Via USB”

  1. I signed up with Vodafone in Dec 2006 to take this USB modem for use with my brand new Apple MacPro laptop.

    The device has software in the modem for use with Windows based PCs, but come with a CD software disc for use with Apple MacPro machines. The software version on disc was out of date and I had to contact Vodafone support to get a portal link to the latest version. However, having downloaded from the portal, I found out that when trying to run the software the version on the portal is an incomplete set of software missing one module (at least) and 4 weeks later and numerous phone calls, the portal software has yet to be updated.

    Buyer therefore should be aware that this device does not work currently with Apple MacPro machines, the Apple Mac software department working for Vodafone does not undertake final software release testing and Vodafone has not got a customer service department that can resolve such an issue after four weeks. Oh and they continue to charge you for a service that you cannot use.

  2. What a pain – and amazing that they’re continuing to charge you, while it doesn’t run.

    Our experience has been different, we’ve been running it on an iBook G4 without a problem (setup was a bit of a fiddle). I assume it’s because you’re on the new chipset that the software hasn’t been forthcoming.

    Given what I’ve heard about the speed of response from Huawei (the makers of the box) it might be worth getting in touch with them direct.

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