Vodafone To Trial High Speed 3G Broadband, All Major UK Cities – News Release

  • Customer trials starting in early April ahead of mid 2006launch
  • Vodafone UK HSDPA network roll out on track
  • All major UK towns and cities to have high speed Vodafone 3Gbroadband by end 2006

Following successful testing in Newbury, Vodafone UK will start customertrials on its live HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) network fromApril.

With 100 business users testing Vodafone UK’s HSDPA-enabled Mobile ConnectCards across central and greater London, the trials represent an importantmilestone in the evolution of the company’s 3G network.

Tim Miles, CEO Vodafone UK said: “The start of our high speed 3G broadbandtrial marks our relentless commitment to offering the best possibleexperience to our customers. We have seen high demand for 3G since itslaunch two years ago and our customers are hungry for the improvements thatHSDPA will deliver. These important trials are part of a continuing driveto lead the UK through superior network performance and a customerexperience that is second to none.”

HSDPA will deliver a faster mobile broadband experience to Vodafonecustomers in the UK from mid-2006, initially offering the mobile transfer ofdata from the internet and intranet at roughly four times faster thancurrent 3G speeds. It will also deliver greater capacity (three times thatof current 3G levels) meaning that more people in the same location at thesame time can benefit from a superior experience. In addition, HSDPA offersimproved latency, giving faster access to web-based content. As a result,customers will be able to work faster and download larger documents, such asPowerPoint presentations and email attachments, more quickly.

“HSDPA offers a win-win opportunity for both customers and Vodafone – itdelivers on the promise of 3G to provide broadband-like services whilst onthe move,” comments Michael Ransom, Research Director for Wireless atCurrent Analysis.

He continues: “With higher HSDPA-driven wireless performance, Vodafone willenable business customers to move beyond mobile email and become mobileenterprises.”From mid-2006, Vodafone will phase in the introduction of a high-speedmobile broadband service. Customers within the M25 will be the first tobenefit with coverage rolling out across all major UK towns and cities bythe end of 2006.