ShoZu, Mobile Photo Sharing App Wins Award: 3GSM

We’ve found it amazing that no application has come along and claimed theposition as the de-facto mobile phone photo-handling application. Perhapsbecause it’s such a mouthful.

Mobile phones with cameras are, after all, one of the main devices that areused by the wo/man in the street to capture most of their photos.

One of the applications that fits into said category is ShoZu, and weimagine that they are feeling rather pleased with themselves today afterwinning an award at 3GSM.

Prompted by the enthusiastic press release (below), we thought it was abouttime we tried it out – after all, we’d been seeing their name on Flickr forages, so it only seemed right.

We hope our experience is unique otherwise there’ll be a lot of peopleusing other services that _aren’t_ ShuZo.

The first few sign up screens were OK, until we were asked for our mobilephone number, so we could be mailed the app. Clicking the button to receivethis has, for the last half hour, just left us hanging.

Initial impressions – not good, but we’re hoping it’s going to get better.

We assume the 3GSM judges got over this.

Cognima collects top award at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona for its ShoZu mobile media application

Wednesday  15  February  2006:  Cognima,  the  company  behind  ShoZu,  the free-to-download  mobile phone application which allows users to share full quality  images  and  video content with their chosen online community, was officially  named  as  a  world leader within the global mobile application market  by the 3GSM Association at last night’s worldwide award ceremony in Barcelona.   The  ShoZu  content  sharing  service, which was only recently launched  at  the  end  of  last  year,  offers users the smartest and most affordable way to share rich media content using mobile cameraphones.

Accepting the award on behalf of Cognima, Mark Bole CEO said, “We have been delighted with the genuine support we have been getting from our customers, web partners and handset manufacturers in mobilizing a thriving and workable rich media content ecosystem.”

ShoZu’s  ongoing  commitment  to fueling the mobile value chain by offering innovative  and simple high quality media content services has captured the mood  of  the  industry as it heads into the realm of consumer focused rich media  content sharing. The fundamental concept behind ShoZu’s rapid growth in   market  visibility  revolves  around  making  the  user-experience  as enjoyable and simple as possible and in doing so makes mobile image sharing both straight forward and immediate.

ShoZu  has  been one of the defining presences at this year’s international congress,   highlighting   the   sustainable  growth  within  the  maturing international mobile content sharing industry.

Bole added: “It is exciting that ShoZu has managed to capture the attention of the global community who are looking to work within this space. We are fully committed to finding new ways of allowing our growing user base to interact and participate with their online communities.”

Earlier  on in the day, Mark Bole received a personal visit from HRH Prince Andrew  who  was  keen to hear about ShoZu’s work in the area of delivering and offering application solutions to a wider mass user market.

Over  the  coming weeks, ShoZu will be announcing major enhancements to the service,  including  the  development of rich media content from the web to mobile  devices.  These  will  include  videocasting, podcasting, music and other third party media formats.